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(Vers. 3 – 2016-01-01)

The EAN (European Aeroallergen Network) is owned by SciCon Pharma Science-Consulting Gmbh (software and intellectual property) and administered and hosted by the Research Group Aerobiology and Pollen information based at the Medical University of Vienna (MUW). Due to continued expansion of the EAN it is felt that the terms and conditions of using the database should be updated and clarified in order to avoid confusion and prevent misunderstandings amongst members of EAN.

Members of EAN have the opportunity to access data from other stations and to follow the development of pollen seasons in different areas. This can be used for bona fide academic research, e.g. comparing characteristics and trends of pollen seasons, and for calibrating their own models and pollen forecasts. Moreover, EAN offers the possibility of a free backup of datasets.

Data providers hold the full copyright of their data. Data is protected by personal user ID and password. In order to prevent abuse of the database, EAN members must also agree to the rules governing the use of the data.

Data providers shall have full read access to the entire database for internal purposes unless the owner withdraws permission for specific users. Whenever someone makes use of these data for publications (including audio, visual and digital presentations) it is mandatory to ask for permission, adhere to any conditions placed on the use of the data and offer acknowledgement or co‐authorship.

In addition, it is understood that data from other colleagues must never be handed out to third parties or sold. If members of EAN receive such requests from third parties they should pass the request to SciCon or MUW. Detection or suspicion of misuse will result in immediate deactivation of the account.

Every time someone accesses the database the action is logged, this is independent of whether it came via the web interface or e-mail. The username, action, URL of the host, time and date, mode of access, stations, and Pollen types/period of request is logged. This allows for the identification and tracking of suspicious activities.

Apart from cases where EAN members have explicitly stated that their data should not be made available to others, MUW has permission to act as an intermediary for supplying data for scientific use to third parties. This includes scientific organizations (e.g. phenologists, climate research units, etc.) for academic research. In case of commercial use SciCon Pharma Science-Consulting GmbH is solely responsible for handling remuneration negotiations with data suppliers. This includes pharmaceutical companies for studies and data sellings for commercial use. When appropriate, MUW will attempt to acquire a fee for providing data. Income resulting out of data selling will be primarily used for maintenance of the database and secondarily handed over to the data providers.

In order to facilitate negotiations between data providers and potential clients, MUW has authorization to access data so that it can be assessed for suitability. Once the stations to be included in a given trial have been selected, the data providers will be contacted by SciCon Pharma Science-Consulting GmbH. Due to limitations in regard to VAT and University Law in Austria all financial aspects and responsibilities are handled by SciCon Pharma Science Consulting GmbH.

On behalf of EAN

Uwe E. Berger MBA

On behalf of SciCon

Mag. Sonja Berger

This document can be downloaded for future reference.